Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Festivities

Happy Holidays! We have been enjoying lots of Festivities this season, and it all started off with our Thanksgiving dinner. We spent the day at home and cooked "Thanksgiving for 3" by ourselves. It wasn't anything fancy, but we had a lot of fun....We watched the Macy's day parade, made dinner, went to Harry Potter 7, and then came home for left overs. It was really fun to spend the day with just the three of us.

The next day, we put up our VERY first Christmas tree, and Kai was in HEAVEN! He loves the tree, and every single day that it has been up, when we walk in the door he runs to the tree and says: "Lights, Lights, Lights" indicating he would like us to plug it in...he is not allowed to touch the lights, but he sure loves hovering while Darin or I plug them in.
One of our Holiday adventures included "Zoo Lights" at Utah's Hogle Zoo. We went with our good friends Joelle, Phil and Natalie. Natalie is a few months older than Kai, and he LOVED chasing her around (I'm not sure she loved it as much as he did).

And yes...the hat on top of Kai's head looks like a girls hat, because it is a girls hat...We forgot Kai's hat at home, so Natalie was kind enough to lend him one.What a fun night...I think we will make it a tradition (What do you think Whelan's?)
Darin was out of town during the Simar Family Christmas Party (his Mom's side of the family), so Kai and I celebrated with them, without him. Darin's Grandma is 93, and she is so good with Kai. She really loves the great grand kids, and he loves her too!

Kai was infatuated with this dog, and chased her around the house, until she couldn't take anymore and would literally hide from him for long periods of time. Isn't it nice to borrow other people's animals so that your kid can get their "animal fix" and then come home to the NO PET ZONE???
Tonight we drove around and looked at Holiday Lights. We had a great time, and ended the evening with Hot Chocolate. Kai had never had Hot Chocolate before, and when I took the lid off and he saw all the whipped cream, he about lost it. He couldn't get enough of that creamy white stuff. Finally we just gave in, and dumped all the whipped cream from our glasses into a little lid for him. He got a spoon and went to town...It's Christmas RIGHT?
And this is his post Whipped Cream resting daze. He really needed a break after all that indulging. What a little cutie!
Merry Christmas Everyone!


Joelle said...

Yes! Yes! I love the idea of the zoo lights tradition.

PS - you should cook dinner next time we are together, you have all the platters and the food looks GREAT!

Dan and Anne said...

Everything looks so festive and beautiful! You have trained that kid well... I don't think Beckett would ever wait for you to turn on those lights without touching them. I don't know many kids that would. Maybe you should give up this whole "work" thing and become a professional kid trainer. That or a dog trainer. Similar? :)(I know one client already)

Rochelle said...

Miss that little Kai! We did Zoo Lights too this year (in Tacoma) for our first time. Hope you guys had a great Christmas. Any big plans for New Years?

Tyler said...

Yulia, I need an update, so I can see Kai!

Stephanie said...

MINDY!!!!!! This is Stephanie Bills- remember, one of your best friends! I've been searching for you!!! It's actually horrible and ridiculous that we've lost touch with each other. You are just as beautiful as ever and your family is beautiful too! Please email me asap so we can exchange numbers and get caught up. kasbills@gmail.com